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Get Rid Of Efflorescence – Get Cleaner Paves And Bricks

If you think that the presence of efflorescence is causing harm to your stone walls or pavements then it is the high time to get rid of them. You must remove efflorescence from the stones and paves as soon as possible to keep them away from rapid destruction. If you are thinking about hiring a professional efflorescence removal service then you can count on us.

What We Do

Evoque Cleaning Services is a professional brick and stone cleaning company. We can clean any type of stains and substances from bricks and stones including efflorescence. Hence, if you notice the presence of this element on your stone walls or driveways and pavements then call us before it demolishes your construction.

Remove The Efflorescence

We have experts of efflorescence removal who has proper training and vast experience with this job. They know what kind of chemicals should be used to totally remove this substance from stones.

Clean The Stones

After removing efflorescence from the stones on your pavement or driveways, we clean the area thoroughly so that it looks shiny and new once again. We try to protect the area by using the best quality sealant as well.

Why Choose Us

Evoque Cleaning Services is a well-known name in the cleaning industry in regions like Point Cook, Carnegie, Geelong, Rosebud, and Melbourne. We have some top features that make us highly capable of removing efflorescence from your pavements, driveways, garage and walls.

  • We have trained staffs with complete knowledge about efflorescence removal.
  • We have vast experience working in such removal projects.
  • We can work in residential, commercial and industrial areas.
  • Our efflorescence removal cost is totally affordable.
  • We use the most effective products available in the market to remove efflorescence.